f MTS-Media Technologi Solution


I SCAN 2 is an integral part of any comprehensive biometric identity management program. The device brings rapid mobile enrollment, identification and verification through iris capture applications to any security installation.



* Designed for rapid dual iris capture

* Durable housing

* Operates in total darkness and in bright sunlight

* High-level image quality

* ANSI INCITS and ISO/IEC compliant

* I SCAN 2 in use worldwide

Features And Benefits

* Dual iris capture in less than ten seconds for easy enrollment and foolproof identity verification

* A lightweight device (weighing just over one pound) for deployment in various settings

* Automatic image capture without user intervention

* A portable system that integrates into Cross Match Jump Kits or other mobile identity management solutions

* Flexible deployment options including mounting I SCAN 2 on a tripod or using the device with a goose-neck support in

... a goose-neck support in a stationary scanning station

* A fold open visor that accurately sets optimum focus and shields the eyes from direct sunlight


Iris Scans
Dual optical system
Pixel Resolution
16.7 pixels/mm ( > 200 pixels over iris diameter of 9.5-13 mm)
Spatial Resolution
4.0 lp/mm at 60% or higher contrast
Biometric Data Interchange Formats
ANSI INCITS 379-2004; ISO/IEC 19794-6
Operating Temperature
32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
Humidity Range
10-90% non-condensing
6" x 1.9" x 6" (152 mm x 48 mm x 152 mm)
1.1 lbs (.5 kg)
USB 2,0
FCC Class A, RoHS

Product Download

* I Scan 2 Brochure