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The Verifier Sentry handheld is designed to rapidly authenticate the identity of
an individual using their secure credentials and biometrics. The compact, highly
mobile biometric fingerprint scanner and credential reader is uniquely suited for law
enforcement, and first responders transportation industry and critical infrastructure
applications that require portability and autonomous operational capabilities.
The handheld rapidly reads a wide range of supported credential documents with
embedded biometric data and verifies the credential holder’s ID by matching the
biometric to a livescan of their fingerprint. Alternatively, the Verifier Sentry can transmit
an unknown subject’s fingerprint to an AFIS for remote matching and receive back
the response.
Supported credentials include RFID and federal ID cards such as PIV and PIV
derivative cards (FRAC, CAC, TWIC), as well as numerous state, local and national
ID card formats. The Verifier Sentry can be configured to read any contact or
contactless smart card chip.
The Verifier Sentry is offered with Commander™, an optional mobile device
management tool that provides the secure communications tunnel to the handheld
and remote matching databases, protecting data integrity and personal privacy.
Match requests from multiple Verifier Sentry devices are aggregated into a single
secure connection with one or more matching databases by the centralized
Commander application. Administrators using Commander have the ability
to efficiently manage and configure deployed devices and perform watchlist
management tasks. They can also locate, lock or even wipe Verifier Sentry devices in
the field, as well as control who logs in and at what times.

Features And Benefits

* Simple one-handed operation

* Multiple credential reading

* PIV specified facial image capture

* FAP 30 fingerprint sensor

* On device matching

* Crime Scene Evidence archiving

* Audio/Visual record

* Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, 3G/4G LTE

* Remote device management


Main Proccesor
ARM® Cortex™ based iMX6 by Freescale™
Operating System
Android® 4.2.2
16GB Storage + 1GB DDR RAM
680g (1.5 lbs)
Operating Temperature
14° F to 122° F (-10 º C to 50º C)
Humidity Range
10-90% non-condensing; Splash-resistant
Removable battery; 8 hour operation
Ruggedized Standards
External Interfaces
Wireless Communications
Bluetooth®; Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n; Celluar Connectivity 3G
Display (If Applicable)
4.3”, 800 x 480 Touch Screen Display

Product Download

* Verifier® Mw Brochure