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The Lumidigm V-Series Fingerprint Readers deliver the most secure, convenient and reliable fingerprint authentication technology on the market today. Already providing biometric authentication for over two billion ATM transactions per year around the world, the V-Series is perfect for applications in banking, healthcare and citizen ID — applications where knowing "who" matters.The field-proven V-Series readers with patented multispectral imaging technology now have several key enhancements, including four times faster image capture on embedded modules, a top-ranked MINEX III certified algorithm for better accuracy, and FBI-certified WSQ image compression for fast and accurate image transfers.

The Lumidigm V-Series provides:

* Simplified access – Enrolls and verifies everyone, every time, in all environmental conditions with unsurpassed biometric performance for a quick and easy user experience and worry-free deployment in the real world.

* Excellent interoperability – Meets international biometric interoperability standards, allowing for easy integration into existing authentication systems and future-proofing your deployment.

* Best-in-class liveness detection – Prevents the fraudulent use of biometric data by recognizing and rejecting fakes and spoofs. When it has to "just work," look to the Lumidigm V-Series Fingerprint Readers for the performance, reliability and interoperability you need.

Features And Benefits

* Up to four times faster image capture (V302)

* Top-rated MINEX III certified algorithm

* Top-rated MINEX III certified algorithm


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